Our Products

we will always strive to provide the best quality products for our customers. not only do we try to use the best quality ingredients, we like to turn those ingredient into great quality baked goods.

From the menu we currently have, there are endless options on the goods we can and will do. If there are ever any special requests, just go ahead and shoot us a message and we will do our best to provide what one requests.  

About Our Bakery

after attending the culinary program, which is where we met, we both talked about what we wanted to do with our gained experience. after a couple months of talking, we came up with the idea of making baked goods from home. "Golden moon" signifies a baked croissant. the shape is the moon and the color is golden. we thought it was the perfect name. We don't only produce croissants, but we can make anything one pleases. We have a variety of goods from a cinnamon roll cookie, sour cream + onion scone to zebra brownies (not only do we use endangered species chocolate, but we top the brownies with a white chocolate ganache). the main goal is to eventually open up a store front, as of right now we are looking to build a clientele and get ourselves and the bakery out there so when we do find the right spot, we know we will have a great support system behind us. 

we attended San Joaquin delta college in stockton, ca. not knowing where we would go in the culinary world, we chose to start our own adventure. Having a passion in baking and pastry, we both decided to start from home and showcase our baked goods to friends and family. It started to spread out more and more with coworkers, family friends and partnerships.